Our club was born on August 18, 1977, thanks to the initiative of the owner of some land, who decided to contribute it as capital and, together with the collaboration of some founding members, the company DEPORTIVA COSTA DORADA LAS PISCINAS, S.A. was created. thus being the owner of some land located in front of the beach and about two kilometers from the Arco de Barà, in the municipality of Roda de Barà, Tarragona.

The same day they founded THE SPORTS CLUB LES PISCINES, which became the entity in charge of operating the facilities located on those grounds, at that time two pools, hence the name.

LES PISCINES CLUB NÀUTIC, S.A. It is the new denomination that our entity has. The construction of the Marina that has been built in front of our facilities will allow fans of this nautical sport to enjoy them.

A quiet place where everyone can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and sports and recreational activities, in a family atmosphere, in the middle of the Costa Dorada

Les Piscines Club Nàutic, Roda de Berà, Tarragona

Les Piscines 1977